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Are you looking for an experienced, friendly IFA (independent financial advisor) to help you plan for your retirement? Are you focussing on growing your investments and pensions or estate planning? Or are you simply looking to save tax?

Often, it can be difficult to know what to do, who to turn to for financial advice and where to invest. Our team at C J Hannan Ltd will undertake a comprehensive and fair analysis of the whole of the market in order to make a personal recommendation to you.

The financial advice we provide must be unbiased and unrestricted. As an Independent and Chartered firm of financial advisers, we are able to advise on all financial products available in the relevant market, across all product areas and we do not have any agreements in place with providers to recommend their products.

Most importantly, we will continue to work with you and support you through your changing circumstances and advise you on the impact of new legislation.

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Client feedback

"I really can’t think of anything Chris and his team could do better. We have been clients for a number of years and at no time have we had any issues with advice, problem-solving, or the continuing customer service provided. They have an approachable ‘can-do’ attitude, and take well-deserved pride in delivering the most tailored, understandable advice the situation requires."

Jaynie E

"Without a doubt I am today in a much better financial position because of Chris’s help, advice and recommendations. All my goals have been achieved within the time frame I set Chris and his ongoing advice is helping to maintain my wealth through my retirement. His tax planning has ensured that I can pass on a larger inheritance to my children than I ever thought possible."

David C

"Chris Hannan helped us greatly by explaining how a small business like ours could best meet our obligations to provide a pension scheme for eligible employees. After meeting Chris I understood exactly what we needed to do – and he and his team are always there for follow up advice too."

Hazel C

"I am extremely happy with the pension arrangements recommended by Chris. I am now retired and making full use of the income my pension pot is generating. It is hard to think of anything Chris could have done better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chris to friends and family."

Kathleen B

"We were more than satisfied with the advice given, which results in us not having any worries, and Chris is readily available for any further advice. We are completely satisfied with the advice given. There would be no way that we could have managed this without his help and assistance."

Rod H

"Chris has always made himself available whenever I have required any assistance regarding my finances. He also explains everything to me in ‘plain English’ so that I can understand the advice he is giving me."

Susan H

"When I set up my business, I had corporation pensions in different places that had been left. Chris went through my options and the risk level and then put everything in one place. I now have a growing, successful pension pot to look forward to thanks to him."

Paul T

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